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Organizational Culture: A Key Component of Your Social Strategy

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Looking at the current business environment, we always see and hear people talk about the enormous potential of social media.  Especially after listening to successful stories in the market, more and more companies jump into the trend to adopt social media. But contrary to what they heard, these new social media users often find themselves incapable of exploiting the tools for value creation. In fact, these firms do not lack talent working for them.  These companies failed because they lack the mindset of change.

From the diagram provided by Netbase below, we can see the adoption rate of social media in business lags far behind the public usage rate. This reveals the problem that a lot of companies and professionals cannot internalize the value of social media. Without having groundswell thinking instilled into their minds, the new project is doomed to failure right from the start.


Yet, businesses can reverse the situation by changing employees’ attitude towards the deployment of technologies. As a starting point, change leaders should redefine the organizational culture with a goal to create a proactive organization. An organizational culture is important because it represents the core personalities of the business. Corporate culture, therefore, is seen as an ideal vehicle for business to promote its visions and values to stakeholders. However, bear in mind that the transformation will take time and need patient. Making  sweeping changes to policies can cause confusion and there should be trial period for employees’ to understand their roles in the new setting. Working in a steady progress can lead in a natural progress to the next step. Furthermore, backup from corporate leaders is vital to the success of great change since they provide the resources and give authority to change managers to develop and implement strategies to help employees go through rough patches during the process. As such, without executive support, a change can never be made within the organization because employees see no real leader in the plan of change.

The short video below explains the importance of organizational culture for implementing a successful social media strategy:


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